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Ceri and Clare formed a firm friendship on discovering their mutual passion for two things: wine and rugby. This of course led to an inevitable girls’ trip to South Africa, where they discovered another mutual passion: painting abstract art inspired by the stunning landscapes, from the mountains to the ocean, often while drinking a Pinotage or two.

They draw their inspiration from the five elements of nature believed to be essential to life: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Space; simply painting the colours that they see in the beauty of the natural world. The way the light may hit the ocean as a storm comes in; the energy and power of an erupting volcano; moss growing over rock giving the illusion of a dragon’s scales or the metallic hues of a sunset. Every piece has been painted with a specific time, place and treasured memory in mind.

Their pieces are original, unique and can never be recreated; they are truly one-off and no two pieces will ever be the same. Imagine you throw a glass of red wine on a white rug; you would never be able to throw a second glass and reproduce the same pattern twice. The concept is the same when producing these pieces; the colours flow and the result is different every time.

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